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The Valuation Game

In this blog, we will be explaining the concepts of investment amount and valuations. The most basic of all concepts in an investment proces

The Role of ESOP in Start ups

As an entrepreneur or founding team if you want to add key members, who could be part of the team for the long haul, you have to pay a compe

Catapulting startups into scale mode or the answer to the question — “Do you have revenues?”

Everybody loves revenues! But not all revenues are created equal otherwise every startup would just sell the summer equivalent of lemonade or the latest human addiction… like colouring books! Founders create startups in response to a large unmet need in the market that is not satisfied by current enterprises in the market. The first step in the startup’s journey, customer discovery, is all about doing things that don’t scale - the focus here is to be able to deliver repeatable customer delight (listen to Reid Hoffman’s interview of Airbnb founder Brian here)- nothing is optimal. For the impact crowd, this is the phase referred to in the Acumen — Monitor (now FSG) “Blue-print to Scale” report