EIAP 1.0

Technology platform that interconnects households with & without solar home lighting systems & allows trading of excess energy

EIAP 1.0 Outcomes

  • Developed the overall P2P energy trading platform for installed base and new markets

  • Short, medium and long-term strategies/product roadmap to upgrade data analytics for better grid management

  • Refinement of web/mobile apps based on customer behaviour and lifestyle


Develops hydro powered irrigation pump which utilizes the energy from the flow of rivers & canals to pump water without requiring any fuel or electricity to be operated

EIAP 1.0 Outcomes

  • Formulated market entry strategy based on Focus and Non-Focus Countries

  • Based on Sangam's field visit reports Aqysta is running demos in SE Asia and East Africa

  • Refined organizational structure to better defined roles and responsibilities


Devised a portable submersible DC solar pump which enables year-round cultivation

EIAP 1.0 Outcomes

  • Streamlined supply chain by connecting with local manufacturers

  • Assisted in hiring of production and field team

  • Helped identify champion farmers, lock on customer profiles to maximize usability


Developing a low cost, sustainable & long duration Energy Storage device based on Vanadium redox flow chemistry

EIAP 1.0 Outcomes

  • Enabled founder to focus on customer development through the benefits of the system

  • Assistance provided in market research, competitive analysis, technology validation. 

  • Assisted in collaborating with partners for technical due diligence

Thema Ecotech

Develops low-cost sub surface irrigation system. Retrofittable to drip, uses only 1/3rd of water compared to drip.

EIAP 1.0 Outcomes

  • Revamped pricing strategy through field visits and focused customer feedback

  • Created go-to-market strategy along with financial modelling 

  • Assisted in optimizing designs of various product components through dedicated mentor engagement


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