Emerging India Acceleration Program (EIAP)

For startups solving the problem of the disenfranchised producers & underserved customers beyond Tier I & Tier 2 cities

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Theme of EIAP 3.0

EIAP 3.0 is taking the thesis of fostering competent grassroots SMEs which have the capacity to absorb

(a) new and appropriate technology and (b) meaningful capital investment to drive more inclusive development. The key is that most of the value is retained by the local enterprises and accrue to the local community.

Who Should Apply?
  1. B2B start-ups that provide components or services to organized SMEs in local markets that can serve consumers and producers more meaningfully.

  2. More organized sustainable SMEs closer to consumers and producers using local natural resources to provide relevant solutions for the indigenous communities aiding sustainable livelihood and wealth creation

Focus Area

Climate - Smart Land - use

Resource Productivity

Competent SMEs

Climate resilient conservation
agriculture & agro-forestry

Farm-positive agricultural
supply chains, residue & waste

Improve soil carbon & soil
microbiome while minimizing
soil erosion

Technology or Business model intervention to reduce pre- and post- harvest loss

Yield improvement through scientific intervention & aggregation

Increase farm power availability (kWh per Ha) through mechanization & inclusion of energy efficient technologies

Preserving local cultures, resources & creating climate resilient communities

Future-proof technology development & adoption

Providing linkages to local business creating a sustainable business model with national & international market

Why Should you Apply?

Product Development Grant upto 10 lakhs per startup 

Who will buy your product?



Why would people buy it?

How will you make money?



Where is the money?

Sectoral expert mentorship Investor connects

Product Development and value proposition (Road to MVP)

Customer Discovery to Validation

Business Model Validation through Minimum Viable Repeatability (MVR)

Potential to raise equity investment

Program Timeline

Coming Soon!


Registered for-profit start-ups or FPC's

With a working Prototype/ Service model & users on ground

Start-ups not more than 5 years old

Should be an Indian entity

Application Process
  1. Apply Online

  2. Interview with AIC-Sangam team

  3. Diligence visit by AIC-Sangam team

  4. Selection of cohort and Intimation via email

  5. Program Induction