Emerging India Acceleration Program (EIAP 3.0)

To promote institutional cooperative structures and rural agriculture SMEs


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About the Program

Climate Change affects livelihoods, food security, energy consumption, health, and economic activities ( to name a few facets), but people who predominantly rely on local natural resources for their livelihood are the ones who are the worst affected.

How can we build climate resilience into the local communities while ensuring rural prosperity?

Sangam's Emerging India Acceleration Program 3.0 is designed to promote institutional cooperative structures and rural agriculture SMEs to improve investments in value-addition assets closer to the farm-gate. We are targeting SMEs that leverage indigenous produce and natural resources to meet local demand or export high-value agricultural produce with Geographical Indications (GI) to global and regional markets. We believe these SMEs can provide livelihood opportunities for local communities and drive local wealth creation while aiding sustainable energy technology adoption and climate change resilience at scale.

To ensure long-term sustainability and replication beyond our efforts, we are looking for 3 interventions with each of the enterprises we work with:

Building the management capabilities and market linkages of the enterprise 

Providing the right amount of capital with the right terms 

Bringing together and strengthening the supporting eco-system of local advisors, financial institutions, and government agencies

Focus Area

Climate - Smart Land - use


Climate resilient conservation
agriculture & agro-forestry

Improve soil carbon & soil
microbiome while minimizing
soil erosion

Resource Productivity


Farm – positive agricultural supply chains, residue & waste management

Scientific & business model interventions to improve yield and reduce on-farm losses

Competent SMEs


Preserving local cultures, resources while providing linkage to markets

Farm-mechanization & processing for local wealth creation & preservation of nutrients

Why should you apply ?

In field support (To the extent possible due to COVID-19)

Assistance to improve Operational efficiency and provide market linkage opportunities

Financial support of up to INR 10 lakhs per organization

Connects with local eco-system partners and advisors from Govt, financial and development institutions

Assistance to setup governance structure, build management capabilities and formulate business plan

Access to long term assets and working capital investments (debt or equity) through Sangam and partner organizations

Who can apply ?
  • Should be a registered Farmer Producer Organizations/ Self-Help Groups

  • Should be a registered for-profit start-up or SME working with farmer owned producer organization such as a FPC / SHG/ FPO

  • Should be an Indian Entity

  • Should be working with local / indigenous produce of the region they cater to

  • Should have already implemented or looking to implement regenerative agricultural practices

  • Should have a working prototype/ service model with users on ground

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If you are a Producer Organisations(FPO/FPC/SHG)

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Startup or a SME


In case you have any questions, please reach out to us

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Aritra Bhowmik