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Facility for Low Carbon Technology Deployment

Promoting Innovation and Deployment of Low Carbon Technologies

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Low Carbon Technology  Accelerator
What is the FLCTD Low Carbon Technology Accelerator?

FLCTD Low Carbon Technology Accelerator offers business capacity building to start-ups and innovators developing innovative solutions that can reduce energy usage and dependence on fossil fuels leading to reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

What differentiates it from other programs?

Specifically designed for cleantech entrepreneurs working with challenges in improving resource efficiency in industries

Helps start-ups validate and refine their business strategy for financial and environmental sustainability and prepares for scale-up

Participants are closely guided by mentors and advisors from industry, incubators and venture capitals and the interactions continue, post accelerator

Participants are prepared for FLCTD Innovation Challenges, where winners receive grant award and support for technology validation and performance verification

Focus Areas

Industrial Low Carbon Technology

  • Energy efficiency

  • Sustainable-energy retrofits

  • Alternative low-GHG manufacturing

  • Transformative recycling solutions for energy intensive products

  • Reduce, capture and re-use of fugitive GHG emissions

Commercial & Residential Energy Use

  • Highly efficient HVAC Systems with low-GHG, non-HFC refrigerant

  • Sustainable envelopes & reduced building heat load

  • Energy Efficient Appliances for domestic use

Storage Technologies

  • Energy storage solutions

  • Improve RE & ESS grid integration

  • Grid Demand-Response Management

  • Extension of batteries useful life

  • Fuel cells and Hydrogen generation and storage

AI, ML, IoT, Deep Tech

  • Enhance reliability and efficiency of manufacturing processes

  • Enhance reliability of grids and reduce distribution losses

Resource Efficiency

  • Convert waste to energy

  • Tackle single-use plastic waste

  • Conserve water in manufacturing

  • Minimize wastage during manufacturing

  • Reduction of use of chemicals & consumables (lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, cleaning agents etc)

Food & Agriculture

  • Technologies that reduce GHG emissions in agriculture

  • Eliminating  wastage in the Agricultural value-chain


Product Market Fit


Lab to Launch


Market Research

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Entrepreneur selling

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Impact Measurement


IP/Licensing & Governance


Manage for growth


Scaling for Startups


Investor Pitching

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Past Program

Reshmi Vasudevan from UNIDO shares what she observed after the Launch of the Accelerator

Chandan Gadgil, a mentor of the program, shares the session he found the most interesting.

Tarang Patel, a participating startup, shares his feedback after a successful 3 day Launch event.

We are looking for mentors for the program. If you feel you can guide startups and help them reach Product Market Fit, Join Us 

"A product can be sold based on low emissions but it should also be a better product. A smart gadget and a nice design can help you sell better."

- Rene Van Berkel
Representative, UNIDO Regional Office, India

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FLCTD 2.0 kicked off in 2020 with 25 promising startups, each being assigned their own mentors to create a hub of innovations in the Clean-tech Sector of India.
Past Cohort
The First program kicked off in 2019 with 15 promising startups, each being assigned their own mentors.
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Frequently asked questions
  1. How many start-ups are you planning to support under the Accelerator?

    25 participants will be supported in the 2nd batch of the FLCTD Accelerator which will be launched in August 2020.


  2. Do you need to have the prototype ready before applying?

    We are looking for applicants with a prototype ready. However, if you have proof-of-concept, for a well-thought feasible idea and market strategy, we will be interested in supporting you.


  3. Can an internationally registered company apply for the Accelerator? Or do we need Indian registered company?

    Yes you can, however, there should either be a subsidiary of your company in India or have plans to set up an operation base in India.

  4. We have already applied for FLCTD challenge, if our start-up gets selected in the Challenge, shall we be disqualified for the Accelerator?

    No. Regardless of your application to the innovation challenge, the accelerator is open to all and offers business building resource and knowledge sharing for the cohorts which adds value to their understanding of their business and helps them reach the market faster and better.

  5. Is physical participation necessary considering COVID-19 challenge?

    Of course not. The setbacks from COVID 19 might not allow us to have physical participation in such difficult times. Hence the curriculum will focus online activities and mentoring, including the interaction of all members of the cohort along with mentor meets and webinars for a seamless curriculum during the COVID-19 restrictions.

  6. How is the Accelerator different from FLCTD Annual Innovation Challenge?

    The FLCTD project conducts Innovation Challenges – which are open competitions to identify innovative low-carbon solutions for specific technology areas indicated under the project. The Challenge looks for innovative products/solutions that ready to go the market, or at a pre-commercialization phase are selected. Read more about FLCTD Innovation Challenges here:

    The accelerator on the other hand, is focussed on mentoring and helping startups get to a market ready stage so that they have a better chance of winning the challenge and reach a steady month on month sales and revenue stage.


  7. What kind of support does FLCTD Accelerator offer?

    - Chance to be recognised as one of the top 25 Low Carbon Technology startups in the country.
    - Exclusive mentoring from sector experts.
    - Dedicated knowledge building sessions on Product development, Market Research and Investment etc.
    - Opportunity to showcase your innovation on Demo day.
    - Improve your chances of getting selected in FLCTD’s next round of Innovation challenges.


  8. We have working model, but we are yet to register a company. Can we still apply?

    Accelerators are more beneficial for startups and small companies who have a business plan and are now planning to go to the market with their product. You might first need an incubation support. Please write to us for more details.

  9. Can we apply even though we have a partnership firm?

    Yes, you can. As long you have an India registered office, or are in the process of registering an office in India, you are eligible to apply for the Accelerator.

Why Low Carbon Technology Accelerator?

“The webinars were quite explanatory. The assignments needed help from the sangam team as certain aspects we were not exposed to earlier.”

- Tarang Patel, Intech Harness
(Accelerator Programme 2019 cohort)

“Coming from an academic background, The FLCTD program was very useful to understand the business aspects and terminologies beyond R&D”

- Varun Raj, PSG College

(Accelerator Programme 2019 cohort)

“An ecosystem of partners can be created to drive clean technology startup pipeline.”

- Chandan Gadgil, Mentor

“The mentor mentee interactions were really good and well planned. However more monthly or bio-monthly updates sessions along with the Sangam team and start-ups will add value to the cohort” 

- Ganesh Kaveeshwar, Mentor

The Low Carbon Technology Accelerator is implemented under the FLCTD project by Sangam Ventures

The Facility for Low Carbon Technology Deployment (FLCTD) promotes innovation of low-carbon technologies and its deployment in industrial and other related sectors of Indian economy. The project conducts annual 'Innovation Challenge' competitions that identifies innovative low carbon technologies and solutions to improve efficient end-use of energy, which in turn helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the long run.  FLCTD is implemented by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and is supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

About Sangam Ventures

Sangam Ventures is a seed and early stage venture fund that invests to improve access to sustainable energy and resource productivity solutions for the underserved in India that can lead to inclusive development and creation of communities that are resilient to climate change. Sangam also is host to AIC-Sangam, India’s first cleantech incubator, established under the Atal Innovation Mission scheme in collaboration with Niti Aayog, which is dedicated to fight climate change.