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Sangam Team Speak: 1 - Suyog talks Product Design

(Suyog recently joined Sangam AIC as a Product Design Manager. We asked him to share a little bit about himself and why he's here)

My association with the CleanTech industry has been mostly through innovations in agriculture technology, through my stint at Crofarm, a farm produce supply chain company. I was involved in developing B2B products and services (connecting farmers to modern traders/retailers) where I worked on technology research and product development (for Android, iOS, Hybrid apps). The objective was to reduce inefficiencies and create a more transparent ecosystem. I learnt how technology can simplify the unorganized supply chain of fruits and vegetables (FnV) and how a zero/low wastage supply chain can benefit both the producer and the seller, and applied this knowledge to design similar structures for CroFarm.

As a product designer, I always keep my thoughts inclined with the business and, as part of it, with designing products, services and processes by following the Pareto principle (roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes). I identified that lacks of transparency and of communication in the supply chain lead to major losses of produce. After studying closely all the processes involved in the supply chain, and after months of research, ideation, conceptualizing scenarios, I was eventually able to design a system for the supply chain that had 100% transparency to every business stakeholder, which was my primary design objective. Creating transparency in the whole supply chain was always the prime focus but meeting that objective involved unravelling all its layers. Solving the pain-points that existed in this supply chain concluded with happy producers who had sustainable economic growth and happy retailers whose losses were minimized (by helping in daily demand prediction). The final outcome was the creation of a communication channel where stakeholders participate and learn design thinkin