About Us

AIC-Sangam is set up as a platform to bring together the best minds, resources and capital solving sustainability problems, and serve as a launch pad for inclusive and scalable enterprises focused on improving access to energy and resource productivity for the underserved in India, that will lead the way in driving inclusive development and creation of communities that are resilient to climate change. 

We are thesis-driven organization

We study the sector - its players, problems and customers, before we venture into incubating or accelerating any start-up in that sector. We have seen, from the GALI research on incubator effectiveness, that cohort quality is a critical driver of success. We view pipeline development as an active search process rather than a passive endeavor in which we wait to receive applications. This approach keeps us focused and helps us in building better networks to find relevant start-ups that fit our program thesis. Following are our focus areas


Energy Transition

Tech that accelerates decarbonization of energy

Low cost and energy efficient refrigeration & cooling tech

Fit-for-purpose Energy Storage tech

Electric, alternative fuel & shared transport solution

Circular Economy

Farm positive agricultural supply chains, residue & waste management​

Alternative low- carbon materials & reduction in fossil-fuel based product use

Industrial heat & power efficiencies & recycling

Competent SMEs

Providing linkages to local business creating a sustainable business model with national & international market

High efficiency appliances, services, components & controls for underserved markets

Preserving culture & resources and creating communities that are resilient to climate change

Climate smart Land use

Climate resilient conservation agriculture & agroforestry

Improve soil carbon & soil microbiome while minimizing soil erosion

Farm-positive agricultural supply chains, residue & waste management

Meet The Team

We, at AIC Sangam, study the sector - its players, problems and customers, before we venture into incubating or accelerating any start-up in that sector. We are proud to be a unique place that places start-ups at the center of all its projects and our multi background team is always willing  to offer them all the services they need to develop.

Leadership Team

Founder, Director and Acting CEO




Independent Director

Incubation Team

Incubation Manager and
NE Program head


Incubation Manager


Accounts and 
Finance Manager


Product Designer


Community Manager

Beyond Incubation

At AIC Sangam we believe that incubation is just the start of a long journey towards creating sustaiable startups to fight climate change. To that vision, we have our sister companies to support startups on this journey catering to what they need, be it legal services or capital.

Sangam Ventures


North East

We have a special focus on working with startups in the North East Region (NCR) of India, a region endowed with abundant natural resources and biodiversity but still having some of the [lowest development indicators] in the country.