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GEF as Program Partners
UNIDO as Program Parnters

Low Carbon Technology Accelerator

UNIDO Facility for low carbon technology development

Acceleration Partner:

Acceleration Partner Sangam Ventures

What is the FLCTD Low Carbon Technology Accelerator?

FLCTD Low Carbon Technology Accelerator offers business capacity building to start-ups and innovators developing innovative solutions that can reduce energy usage and dependence on fossil fuels leading to reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Focus Areas

AI, ML, IoT,

Deep Tech

Industrial Low GHG

Commercial & Residential Energy Use

Resource Efficiency


& Agriculture

Storage Technologies


Product market fit UNIDO FLCTD

Product Market Fit

Market Research UNIDO FLCTD

Market Research

Impact Measurement UNIDO FLCTD

Impact Measurement

Lab to launch UNIDO FLCTD

Lab to Launch

Entrepreneur Selling UNIDO FLCTD

Entrepreneur selling

IP/Licensing & Governance UNIDO FLCTD

IP/Licensing & Governance

Manage For Growth UNIDO FLCTD

Manage for growth

Scaling For Startups UNIDO FLCTD

Scaling for Startups

Investor Pitching UNIDO FLCTD

Investor Pitching

FLCTD - Acceleration Program

Emphasis was given to include start-ups in the sectors of Food and Agriculture, Storage Systems, Resource Efficiency, and  Deep-Tech in addition to the previous three 3 areas of focus to  add diversity to the cohort

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